Sterling Grove

Music Video – Parallel Lines

Last summer, we worked on producing a music video for Sterling Grove’s title track for their new album Parallel Lines. We worked on pre-production, production, casting, set design, costume design, editing and colouring.

The Video

when facets of worlds collide, finality is never an option

The Making-Of

it’s all fun and games until the red queen catches you sEwing and decides she needs a new hat


the idea behind this universe began many moons ago and had been ever-evolving, changing its aesthetic yet keeping its core intact

35MM moment

the steps we took to produce this video were immortalised with film, adding a new layer to the global image of this musical project

Costume Design

we are very proud of the outfits we created for this project. simple yet impactful.


here are the credits

Produced by: House of Youth


Executive Producer: Francis Cucuzzella


Concept: Sterling Grove & Seb Mckinnon
Creative Director: Stephen Robusto for House of Youth
Art director: Jeremy Pilote Byrne for House of Youth


Director: Seb McKinnon
D.O.P: Alex Bussière
A.C.: Marilee Goulet
Key Grip: Thibault Larquey
Gaffer: Stéphane Charron
Steadicam: Alex Bussière


Guy: Jeremy Pilote Byrne
Queen: Meredith Adelaide
Kid 1: Hubert Jourdain
Kid 2: Alice Jourdain
Kid 3: Louis Jourdain
Extra 1: Charlotte Carrier
Extra 2: Morgane Laloum
Extra 3: Julien Forest
Extra 4: Maxence Sennett
Extra 5: Chloé Picard
Extra 6: Katia Semenov
Extra 7: Marc Luciano
Extra 8: Guiseppe Lanni
Extra 9: Henri Hebeisen
Dog: Reign from The Hounds of Freckashpeng


Line production: House of Youth
Set design: House of Youth
Make-up and costumes: House of Youth


Edit, color and VFX : House of Youth


Shaperon: Isabelle Westwick
Dog shaperons: Paul & Steve from The Hounds of Freckashpeng


Photographers: Chloé Picard Jeremy Pilote-Byrne Meredith Adelaide


Special thanks to:
Marc Luciano
Meredith Adelaide
Sébastien Villeneuve
Julien Forest
Lily Robusto
Marie Brandt
Rocco Bambace
The Charbonneau family from Les Vergers Charbonneau
Robert, Brigitte and Seb Mckinnon


Supported in part by FACTOR and the Government of Canada.